Building Contractor in Marikina offering ZERO down payment construction!

JC ph CONSTRUCTION is a construction company that can build your dream home or

office from start to finish.

We offer a UNIQUE Zero Down payment Scheme.100% Progress Billing. Now that’s real

assurance for you.

We do not ask for anything until a foundation is built.

At JC ph Construction, we don’t just BUILD HOMES and DREAMS, we build

relationships. Relationships that will last for a lifetime.

That is why, most of our clients are REPEAT clients. In this world where there

are countless contractors, they just want to make sure everything is up to spec

and they know JC ph Construction can do just that.

We make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the outcome of a project. We

treat each project like our own. If we are HAPPY, You are HAPPY. As simple as


If it is a HOME or INVESTMENT, contact Us.

If it’s QUALITY WORK you NEED, just contact JC ph CONSTRUCTION.

WE Do Not just Build HOMES, We Build RELATIONSHIPS.


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